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We're on a road to nowhere

.....Come on inside

11 June 1988
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  • rumarienne@livejournal.com
We're on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Hi, you've stumbled across my personal journal where you can find posts about my live, my graphics and my fandom obsession. I'm a business trainee in real live but on the internet I like to drool over hot guys such as James McAvoy or Gale Harold, make icons and talk about my main fandom Harry Potter.
I really love to make icons, I post them at my icon community solalaicons
My likes:
dreaming, music, summerstorms, movies, german actors, photoshop, art, you tube, harry potter, harry/draco, albus severus/scorpius, fanfiction, creativity

My dislikes:
spiders, ignorant people, being cold, cheese, prejudices, boredom
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